Nuestra especialización son los servicios de gestión ejecutiva para corporaciones, PYMES y startups durante periodos de crecimiento, innovación, expansión y cambio.

Nuestra red de asociados seniors, todos ellos con un mínimo de 20 años de experiencia y formación en gestión y tecnología , disponen de sólidas capacidades en desarrollo de negocio y experiencia ejecutiva en la gestión de proyectos complejos y desarrollo y lanzamiento de productos y servicios al mercado.

Los siguiente selección de proyectos ejecutados por nuestros Interim Managers muestran las diferentes posiciones y sectores sobre los que trabajamos:

Project Director / Business Development for a multinational Service Telecom company with a presence in 180 countries and 100k employees. Our challenge was to set up and manage an M2M business lab for smart cities and develop an open Innovation Strategy.

Innovation and Product Planning for a security systems multinational with a presence in 14 countries, over 9,000 employees and 2 million customers. Our challenge involved the group product management of designing and managing a video surveillance product portfolio.

Project Director for one of the top 5 financial institutions in Spain. Our challenge was the development and deployment of a new online banking service and to implement the successful coordination between internal and external teams.

Interim CIO for a large frozen food manufacturer in Europe. Our challenge was to oversee digital initiatives that increased revenues and delivered cost savings by improving supply chain, warehousing, logistics, technology and marketing.

Project Director involved in the digital transformation of a top 10 largest international children’s wear retailers. Our challenge was to design and develop a social media strategy and customer insight programme for a new online sales channel which resulted in an increase of sales by 15%.

Interim CEO for a subsidiary of one of Spain’s largest financial institutions that was struggling with financial losses and failing performance. Our challenge was to successful identify the reasons for failure, return the business to solvency and deliver a digital business consultancy to nearly 200 small businesses.

Project Director involved in R&D and change transformation for a Governmental body, Big Four Consultancy and Harvard University. Our challenge involved setting up and managing the project which helped over 700 SME’s and startups to design a comprehensive sustainability strategy.

CPO. Chief Product Officer for a home and building solution provider. Our challenge was to design and develop a building automation system (BMS, energy, HVAC, security, smart metering, digital signal, IP and infrastructure) and to complete a life cycle model from customer insights to launch.

CPO. Chief Product Officer for an HW and control devices manufacturer in the home automation and smart home industry. Our challenge was to create, develop and launch more than 15 devices in one year and define and manage integrated projects for international business development.

Information Management for a prime IT integrator with scope in Europe, Africa and Latin America. Our challenge was to enhance the skills development across regions, enter vendor negotiation for technical training, software licenses, assets and industrialization and participate in marketing presentations.