What is an Interim Manager and how do they benefit businesses?

An Interim Manager is a highly experienced executive whom an organisation can employ for a specific period of time to solve a specific business problem. He or she is a master project manager with high level experience, which a business may not have internally, and can manage an organisation through a period of change and transformation.  An Interim Manager will successfully support a business through a critical time in its growth.

Hiring an Interim Manager provides the solution to any number of problems in business. They are committed to their role as a short-term staff member and their varied experience in critical situations gives them a strategic advantage when handling new problems. Our Interim Managers are highly experienced senior managers and executives who are able to join an organisation for a specified time during a critical period of growth, change and transformation. An Interim Manager may work on a project for a period of 6-12 months, or may bring longer term senior executive experience into an organisation on a part time basis.

Interim Management is a growing sector of business management and is being widely adopted Internationally as a business solution during periods of change, innovation and growth.